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What is the difference between aluminum foil bags and self-supporting bags?

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Update time : 2021-08-12 15:42:48
Aluminum foil bags and self-supporting bags are two kinds of packaging bags used more in the packaging industry. Do you know the difference between the two?
1.Stand up boxing bags
Stand up boxing bags are also called upright bags and standing bags, which means that packaging bags that can stand up straight can print rich pictures and words. The self-supporting bag is a bag made of a variety of plastic films and then through the bag making machine. It is used to pack clothing, food, pharmaceutical industrial products, daily necessities, etc.
Stand up boxing bags is a kind of plastic packaging bag that can stand. It is generally composed of two or three or four layers of materials, such as PET / PE, PET / CPP, OPP / PE, OPP / CPP, PA / PE, PET / Al / PE, OPP / Al / PE, etc. The composite aluminum foil material (AL) is called self-standing aluminum foil bag, while the composite aluminum plating material is called self-standing aluminum plating bag, which is different according to different materials.
There is no great difference between stand up boxing bags printing and self sealing bag. The only difference is that the self-supporting bag has a bottom organ, which can stand up whether it is loaded or not, while the self sealing bag can't. The self-supporting bag is different from the general bag making machine, and the bag types produced are also different. The bottom of the self-supporting bag is generally called the bottom inserting bag. It is precisely because of the bottom inserting bag that the self-supporting bag can adjust itself to stand. If a bone is attached to the seal, it is also a self-supporting self sealing bag, also known as the self-supporting chain pulling bag.
Stand up boxing bags can stand up independently and have better shelf display. Many buyers love this type of bag, so self supporting bags are also widely used in clothing, food, hardware and electronics, daily necessities, medical supplies and other aspects. The above is about the difference between aluminum foil bag and self-supporting bag. I hope it can help you.
stand up boxing bags
2.Aluminum foil bag
Aluminum foil bag is the darling of plastic flexible packaging. Aluminum foil bag will be used in the packaging of many products. 
Production and precautions of aluminum foil bag: naked aluminum foil bag is generally made by compounding several materials and then making bags according to customer requirements. During this period, high-temperature cooking aluminum foil bag is generally made of four or more materials. Four layers: PET / Al / NY / rcpp, antistatic aluminum foil bag, generally three or four layers. Three layers: PET / Al / PE, four layers: PET / Al / NY / PE, Meanwhile, the anti-static aluminum foil bag is divided into double-sided anti-static aluminum foil bag and single-sided anti-static aluminum foil bag!
1. Aluminum foil bag material composition: pet, aluminum foil, PE film, pet, aluminum foil, CPP film.
2. Characteristics of aluminum foil bag: corrosion resistance, tightness, light proof, high temperature resistance, vacuum pumping.
3. Selection of splicing: the more the splicing, the lower the cost. Selecting the appropriate specification according to the equipment condition can greatly reduce the loss.
4. Selection of adhesives; Select adhesives with high initial adhesion, high solid content and good wettability.
The gluing amount of aluminum foil bag is about 1.5 times that of white film. When the printing is full or the printing area is large, the gluing amount shall be further expanded. After the first time of compounding and curing for 13 hours, the second time of compounding shall be carried out, and the product shall be cured for 72 hours.
The aluminum foil does not pass through the flattening roll, but enters the composite roll. Tension control. The temperature of oven and composite roller shall be trekked as far as possible.

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