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Non woven Medical Alcohol Prep Pad 70% lsopropyl Alcohol Swabs 3.0*6.5cm

Properties: Medical Materials & Accessories
Brand Name: OEM Brand
Model Number: OEM
Instrument classification: Class III
Material: Non-woven

Alcohol Swab

Non-woven 70% isopropyl Alcohol Pad 30x65mm 
1. one piece of alcohol swab saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol
2. different sizes for your choice
3. cleaning of the area required and discard after single-use

1. We are the professional manufacturer of disposable medical alcohol cleaning swabs for years.
2. Products packed in compliance with storage and transport, storage and use under the conditions of the rules,
    since the date of sterilization quality assurance of five years.
3. Our products are mainly used in hospital and laboratory for skin or object surface disinfection